Selasa, 18 Januari 2000

Is not a story that graduates of higher education

Although I am not graduates of universities, but I always try to learn anything from me around. Yes, the dawn had not said - albeit to seek the knowledge to the country China - knowledge from cradle to den lawout dawn and other heat-related science ...

So a friend had asked the question, what I continue to learn and to science? Whether to seek better jobs? Or ... what?
Moreover, when still in the village, I often listen to the first word from the family ... women demanded high-level knowledge to do, yet will also eventually to the kitchen and also become a housewife.
Sometimes I am sad that such understanding will narrow the search for knowledge, especially my parents also think so. However, I do not want to surrender - although with the results of the work that my mouth and may be more a lack of - I always budget to buy books and motivation Islamic books of Islam or the other can increase my understanding and knowledge.

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It is a small father (lift) I always try to read my diligent and strive to provide for my library. I must be complete reading, ranging from history, myth, saga, to the theme-heavy theme and everything is in the vault where I sleep - and does not anticipate the full amount because there are hundreds more. There is also missing and be dusty, because there is no special cupboard to store the books.

During that time no less, I still rely on books for my review - but know that computers and the Internet, I can begin again to add more extensive knowledge - I will always information technology can be used with both.

So some time ago, a friend gave glad tidings for scholars of education, a similar situation ... Hopefully so, and they get all that talk more of a loss, because I can not reciprocate. Although age has been increasing exacerbated, hopefully not lost the spirit to continue to learn ... She does.
During this knowledge to the brain and also so that I do not mandeg, I give private courses for children in elementary and junior high school field a few subjects, but particularly the English at their base.
Alhamdulillah, some time is increased and made by my friend's class (children in the village). We do not collect fees from them, provided they do not want to learn and lazy science demands - this is a happiness for us to the formation of the next generation to love science with the knowledge of religion remains important for them. Even our daily prayer Isya 'berjama'ah, incidental to their teaching schedule is the hours 19:00 - 21:00 - it is not because our busy, also because of their own home school in the afternoon.
However, sometimes their parents force us to accept gifts from them, sometimes the form of money and other things. And it is by my friend dibelikan les purposes, such as equipment, stationery and other related roster. And their very spirit and feel (there is not even want to go home). If there is a good value they get their prize Attachment to learn them.

Yes, a time ... in the future, hopefully there will be a better education for them - more than just teaching that we give now. Education from small to them will form a good thing when they mature later, and hopefully this is we always apply in ourselves.

Learn not to be in school or college course, is not it? Wherever, whenever and with whomever we always learn. About around us, in our lives that we passed ... all once again, the wisdom and lessons not stop.
So, let's get us continue the struggle in education ... can not or dropouts hopelessness spirit.
To serve it, we also need the knowledge, to communicate with other people we need very little in any case it ... We need knowledge, and that also can share with others ... She does.

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