Senin, 10 November 2008

Stop wasteful from now

For friends who like the prodigal stop from now, said Prisaa diligent "clever, cost-efficient base rich base" that is the word Prisaa.

cost-efficient means not stingy, but sparingly in the less useful.
"Little stuff means a lot"
Often we do not feel a lot of money out to buy cigarettes, buy a hawker or just ngopi-ngopi, Chating (except to make money in the Internet search ... for my friends bloggers do not resent the online gaming ... But this should reduce the , He only if we forget because it is small and has become a habit. Because the danger is a daily habit, we forget that the amount was small, if our calculations in a year the amount so large .. also make a sizable fee pilgrimage Thank you.

below cost-efficient way of life:

  1. the restriction on spending the money yourself
  2. not easy to see a goods only because it bagus.ini usually for a good culinary, avoid it.
  3. not easy to see a goods only because it sometimes makes us didiskon.diskon affected by the low price, so much money out of us.
But that is the recipe from the frugal life ... This can be applied except for friends who barely have the financial I like ... remember your future in your own hands .. BE your self by your self ... Somewhere

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