Jumat, 21 November 2008

How your career?

One of the following errors in pursuing careers:

Although each assignment from superiors successfully done with good, but the signs have come unremitting campaign. Perhaps there is an error not only in your position, but also environmental factors work. If the career path that you want to pursue at this time, then you need to be cautious of some things that can be a stumbling block following:

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All Entered to Exercise
Not all people are lucky to work in an ideal environment. Often we need to confronted colleagues or superiors who are lazy choosy. So that the "pebble-gravel" does not disrupt our performance, all things that annoy not entered into the hearts. Stay focused on goals and do not let it disrupt the concentration.

Less Ask
A new reporter at a reputable newspaper share tips success, "friends in my new office never taught me how mejadi a good journalist. Finally, in my office and ask a lot out of the senior citizens, "he said. So, if you feel "alone" in the work of a superior, do not hesitate to ask and do not be afraid to ask for clarification if the answers are given unsatisfactory. Origin you know, the boss is actually more like a question of should be given correct the error.

Do not hidde

Presentation that you do get a positive appreciation from the client? Or you successful achievement of certain outside work? Do not hidden, to the supervisors so they know the potential you have.

Too Perfeksionis

Becoming a perfeksionis is not a sin, but you do not need to do if the expense of jobs. For example, not only because they want to errors in typography proposal, you check to make repeated so that the work of other neglected.

Afraid to Negotiate

Common mistakes that women often do employees in the workplace is not dare to negotiate. Many employees are afraid to express something that their own advantage. Want to apply for leave, take the position, increased salary, or take an assignment from superiors? Do not quickly surrender to submit bids.

Trapped In Administrative Tasks
Whether for many years the tasks you only answer the phone, set records and records of incoming mail? If so, then you are far from ideal career path to reach higher. Now it's time for you to find more challenges with the other tasks that show the capabilities and sharpen your potential. Act now.

Always Looking to the Top

By pursuing his career certainly we must work to a maximum of superiors properly assess it. But should not forget your colleagues, friends, namely one team. There are too willing employees who claim the project as a meskipu actual performance is a hard working team. Do not want to because the humor superiors, we expense of a friend.

once again with how your career….!

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