Minggu, 30 November 2008

Attention Microsoft for Education

Microsoft, the world's largest software company, Tuesday announced yesterday one of the steps the education of children capable. This program is set aside for needy children in the United States. By adopting a version of Windows XP that is, Microsoft has the provision of free laptop to the children.

In addition, this step was taken in order to repress the Microsoft rivalnya, Linux, in the controlled market. Because as we know, Linux is free, so that children who are less able will choose as the Linux Operating System. Moreover, the latest versions Linux is currently more mature in the face interaction. Of course, this is not good news for Microsoft.

Therefore reasonable if Microsoft cope with the program non-profit One Laptop per Child Foundation's small green-and-white XO laptop. As This interview with Reuters in insulin Pole, Vice President of Microsoft Corp.. also, "We budgeted amount of funds that is not a little to this project."

This program will begin at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the plan will begin with the produce worth $ 188 laptop in China in the coming weeks, the sale is also planned to support the millions of school children both in Asia, Africa, and Latin Amerka. This foundation will also sell a laptop-laptop for $ 400 in the United States and Canada in order to gather support for the fund.

If this foundation can meet the target in producing millions of laptops equipped with Windows for school children throughout the world, then steps to hold the Windows operating system market will be more stable.

Sabtu, 29 November 2008

Is account email can be deleted...?

under way to delete this email Account

Maybe sometimes when you want to delete an email account. Email account is not active, too much spam or consolidation requires many accounts, often become a reason to cancel the use of email account. The process is different, depending on the respective service providers and whether the email is used for free or paid account. Following tips to delete the email account.
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* Use the username and password to log-on to the Google page if you want to delete a Gmail email account. Select "Edit" to "My Services", then click "Delete Gmail Service" options under the "Delete a Service". Check box to confirm the deletion. Then will come the confirmation whether you want to create a new email address with the same username for a Gmail account to another.

* If you still can not delete the email account on Yahoo Mail, then you can go to the page "terminating your Yahoo! Account" and confirm your decision with the password must be entered. If you have paid Serviced integrated with the email account Yahoo Mail account, then delete the service first so you do not need to continue the payments. Losing the activation email Yahoo Mail will cause you to lose settings My Yahoo!, Hotjobs, GeoCities and other Yahoo services.
* To MSN Hotmail, click "Help" to delete your Hotmail account. In the search prompt, enter "Close Account". Select blue links "Close your account," and read the terms for the elimination of the account, depending on the level of service (free or paid) that you use. Confirm "Close" if you have read and accept the terms MSN Hotmail.
* For AOL email service, more complicated than others, especially those who have paid the account or accounts paying. You must download and print the rejection account in a PDF version of the page of your account, complete and mem-fax it to AOL. You can also contact the customer service line at the AOL number 1 (888) 265-8003. In addition, you must also be a follow-up card several times to ensure payment has been canceled or convert from in-paid account to the AOL service free.

Jumat, 21 November 2008

How your career?

One of the following errors in pursuing careers:

Although each assignment from superiors successfully done with good, but the signs have come unremitting campaign. Perhaps there is an error not only in your position, but also environmental factors work. If the career path that you want to pursue at this time, then you need to be cautious of some things that can be a stumbling block following:

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All Entered to Exercise
Not all people are lucky to work in an ideal environment. Often we need to confronted colleagues or superiors who are lazy choosy. So that the "pebble-gravel" does not disrupt our performance, all things that annoy not entered into the hearts. Stay focused on goals and do not let it disrupt the concentration.

Less Ask
A new reporter at a reputable newspaper share tips success, "friends in my new office never taught me how mejadi a good journalist. Finally, in my office and ask a lot out of the senior citizens, "he said. So, if you feel "alone" in the work of a superior, do not hesitate to ask and do not be afraid to ask for clarification if the answers are given unsatisfactory. Origin you know, the boss is actually more like a question of should be given correct the error.

Do not hidde

Presentation that you do get a positive appreciation from the client? Or you successful achievement of certain outside work? Do not hidden, to the supervisors so they know the potential you have.

Too Perfeksionis

Becoming a perfeksionis is not a sin, but you do not need to do if the expense of jobs. For example, not only because they want to errors in typography proposal, you check to make repeated so that the work of other neglected.

Afraid to Negotiate

Common mistakes that women often do employees in the workplace is not dare to negotiate. Many employees are afraid to express something that their own advantage. Want to apply for leave, take the position, increased salary, or take an assignment from superiors? Do not quickly surrender to submit bids.

Trapped In Administrative Tasks
Whether for many years the tasks you only answer the phone, set records and records of incoming mail? If so, then you are far from ideal career path to reach higher. Now it's time for you to find more challenges with the other tasks that show the capabilities and sharpen your potential. Act now.

Always Looking to the Top

By pursuing his career certainly we must work to a maximum of superiors properly assess it. But should not forget your colleagues, friends, namely one team. There are too willing employees who claim the project as a meskipu actual performance is a hard working team. Do not want to because the humor superiors, we expense of a friend.

once again with how your career….!

Senin, 10 November 2008

Stop wasteful from now

For friends who like the prodigal stop from now, said Prisaa diligent "clever, cost-efficient base rich base" that is the word Prisaa.

cost-efficient means not stingy, but sparingly in the less useful.
"Little stuff means a lot"
Often we do not feel a lot of money out to buy cigarettes, buy a hawker or just ngopi-ngopi, Chating (except to make money in the Internet search ... for my friends bloggers do not resent the online gaming ... But this should reduce the , He only if we forget because it is small and has become a habit. Because the danger is a daily habit, we forget that the amount was small, if our calculations in a year the amount so large .. also make a sizable fee pilgrimage Thank you.

below cost-efficient way of life:

  1. the restriction on spending the money yourself
  2. not easy to see a goods only because it bagus.ini usually for a good culinary, avoid it.
  3. not easy to see a goods only because it sometimes makes us didiskon.diskon affected by the low price, so much money out of us.
But that is the recipe from the frugal life ... This can be applied except for friends who barely have the financial I like ... remember your future in your own hands .. BE your self by your self ... Somewhere

Minggu, 09 November 2008

Economic managerial tasks semester III (class A. B. C)

Economic managerial duties, please click below (....) looking at the bottom corner

Rabu, 05 November 2008

Indonesia welcomed the victory of Obama

Jakarta, Cybernews. U.S. Embassy welcomed the victory of Barack Obama as U.S. president to invite a number of mass media in Indonesia to witness the results of the U.S. presidential election in 2008. Four large television screen television broadcast a report from Indonesia and the United States, given the results of the entrance came from across the U.S..

"U.S. presidential elections this year has attracted worldwide attention, but attention is quite large in Indonesia. This is partly because the Indonesian people seriously interested in the political process in the U.S. and make a comparison with the election of the president and parliament that they will be implemented next year," said U.S. Ambassador Cameron R. Hume.
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Events are other photos with the "March" because there is a large carton board made like Barack Obama and John McCain. The invitation that you want to know the U.S. election system can also obtain publications about it in a special table that has been provided.

A large screen on the wall showing a map of the Electoral College are constantly updated in line insertion of the results of the voice. A number of commentators and experts from Indonesia and the United States from the fields of media, government, academia and provide personal about the U.S. election for the man that the media coverage of this event.

Along towards the implementation of the election, the U.S. Embassy actively conduct socialization program to explain the election system in the U.S. to the people of Indonesia through the media and socialization programs and other presentations from the U.S. diplomat. A total of more than 60 presentations given by U.S. Embassy officials about the American political system to more than 6,000 students, academics, activists and NGOs in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and other areas in Indonesia.

U.S. Embassy also help more than 20 journalists for a visit to the U.S. and to cover the election directly, and to provide informal training programs for more than 200 journalists who are interested in covering the U.S. election process.

Also unexpected Obama victory, the school of origin in primary schools Menteng indonesia

Barack Obama Finally Be U.S. President First Black Skin

"Obama ... Obama ... Obama ... We Love You ...." That is the yeeee.... to the students by the hundreds of classes I to VI while the calculation of the U.S. presidential election vote via the television screen width in the hall Elementary School Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (5 / 11).

Wide space 1500 square meters seems not fit to accommodate hundreds of students that day is specifically allowed to watch the calculation of the U.S. Presidential Election voice directly into the race two candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain.

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Schools that had become a place where Obama is some science demands last day to look busy welcoming U.S. President elections. Viscosity with a noose Obama U.S. elections make it very special here.

According to the Head School elementary Kuswadiyanto Menteng, teachers and students even prayed for victory, Obama days before the start of each lesson. "Every morning before starting lessons we always pray for Barry. Hopefully he win in this election," he said enthusiastically.

When the figures in the display glass shows Obama victory, hundreds of students trickle into various directions to the field, although drizzle began to fall. Obama photo with their caper excitement, no matter in the rain.

For their victory, Obama is their victory. They were proud because they had no students from here that could become U.S. president. The students also hope Obama will come to them, come to school. "Underworld Cave Obama came here though we can chat-chat with him," says Ajo, students in class VI B. Likewise It also said the students Ano class IV and V. still sitting Firebrands III A.

According to the plan, schools will still perform the prayers tomorrow morning. "We still think we exist happily clear later that prayer request we will do every morning," said Kuswadiyanto. "Today let us enjoy this victory with our students," he said while watching Obama victory speech in the display glass.

Senin, 03 November 2008

special way to successfully learn English

Before you begin reading, you need to know: Learning English requires action. You may already know the tips on learning English, but if you do not start, you will not achieve any success.

Therefore, this method not only read it but also to read and implemented. You need two things to learn English well, namely
1. Passion and
2. Effective learning methods - and the most important is passion.

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The following are the things that you can do when you do not feel like learning the English language:

Imaginasikan yourselves in the future
1. Imagine yourself can speak with native speakers as well as you speak the language first.
2. Imagine the other people you want to talk surfing.
3. Imagine the convenience of writing e-mail to anyone in the world. Useful once read an article about the benefits of knowing English well.

Remember that you are good.
1. You already know a little English (you're reading an article in English now). This is a big success!
2. Now it's time for success is greater. Time to start with a method of learning more effective. Time to get the knowledge of the English language that impressive.

Use of English at any time.
This is very, very important. The more you use the English language, the more you want to learn. Because English is so popular, you can use it anywhere.
1. You can use Yahoo to find English-language website with information of interest.
2. You can watch movies cartoons United States, you can play adventure games on your computer,
3. Reading books in the English language, or you can write things that are interesting. If you do this, you not only enjoy and learn English.
4. If you see that a new word to make you understand your favorite TV show (or communicate with other people or defeat a computer game), you will want to learn more words.

Speak to anyone about the English language.
This method is simple, but very effective.

Find a friend who is also learning English.
If you can find someone who is learning English and are on the same skills, you will be in a better situation once:
1. You will have to talk to someone in English.
2. This conversation will increase minatmu in English.
3. Learning will become easier, because you can discuss with masalahmu.
4. You will learn more about the English language, because you want more of the friends.
You should meet regularly with friends. Ideally he should stay in dekatmu, go to the same school. If you really can not find one that you want to learn English having, you can try to find someone by using e-mail. This is the solution less so effective: percakapanmu will be fewer, and it is difficult to compete with someone who does not visitors.

Investasikan amount of money to learn English.
If you spend uangmu for something valuable you want to use. For example, if you buy the expensive tennis rackets, you will go play tennis every day. This also applies to the English language. If you want to increase the wish to learn English, buy a new dictionary, the English language books, the subscription cable TV.
Remember learning English requires action. One small action more useful than reading hundreds of articles.

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