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special way to successfully learn English

Before you begin reading, you need to know: Learning English requires action. You may already know the tips on learning English, but if you do not start, you will not achieve any success.

Therefore, this method not only read it but also to read and implemented. You need two things to learn English well, namely
1. Passion and
2. Effective learning methods - and the most important is passion.

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The following are the things that you can do when you do not feel like learning the English language:

Imaginasikan yourselves in the future
1. Imagine yourself can speak with native speakers as well as you speak the language first.
2. Imagine the other people you want to talk surfing.
3. Imagine the convenience of writing e-mail to anyone in the world. Useful once read an article about the benefits of knowing English well.

Remember that you are good.
1. You already know a little English (you're reading an article in English now). This is a big success!
2. Now it's time for success is greater. Time to start with a method of learning more effective. Time to get the knowledge of the English language that impressive.

Use of English at any time.
This is very, very important. The more you use the English language, the more you want to learn. Because English is so popular, you can use it anywhere.
1. You can use Yahoo to find English-language website with information of interest.
2. You can watch movies cartoons United States, you can play adventure games on your computer,
3. Reading books in the English language, or you can write things that are interesting. If you do this, you not only enjoy and learn English.
4. If you see that a new word to make you understand your favorite TV show (or communicate with other people or defeat a computer game), you will want to learn more words.

Speak to anyone about the English language.
This method is simple, but very effective.

Find a friend who is also learning English.
If you can find someone who is learning English and are on the same skills, you will be in a better situation once:
1. You will have to talk to someone in English.
2. This conversation will increase minatmu in English.
3. Learning will become easier, because you can discuss with masalahmu.
4. You will learn more about the English language, because you want more of the friends.
You should meet regularly with friends. Ideally he should stay in dekatmu, go to the same school. If you really can not find one that you want to learn English having, you can try to find someone by using e-mail. This is the solution less so effective: percakapanmu will be fewer, and it is difficult to compete with someone who does not visitors.

Investasikan amount of money to learn English.
If you spend uangmu for something valuable you want to use. For example, if you buy the expensive tennis rackets, you will go play tennis every day. This also applies to the English language. If you want to increase the wish to learn English, buy a new dictionary, the English language books, the subscription cable TV.
Remember learning English requires action. One small action more useful than reading hundreds of articles.

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i agree with u.
learning English requires action

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