Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

higher education is only a dream?

This story was heard from families that are in the rural areas, family farmers who live sober.
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viewing them on television, want to see their families once seemingly reached a high education, they live happy, working in the office, take down the car, eating in restaurants ... but it is not easy, because the current education expensive and can only be located by the middle class and above ...
a day the farmers talked to the children's father "father, can I schools such as those living in urban areas? said his father, James I do dream, it's the village also would later return to the rice fields and as a father do to become farmers ... , So the education can only be felt by people in the high economic and only to the middle class.

through my writing this concern to children residing in rural areas who can not climb education ..., how a nation can move forward tanpan consider education ... education is the main capital for the advancement of a nation

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