Minggu, 07 Desember 2008

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When this article content is a mainstay of the blog owner to get visitors as much as possible. However, to routinely write to your blog, certainly not easy to be maintained for consistency.

Fortunately there is technology to the blog mail from mail or blogging. Which has been known to have this facility is blogger.com and multiply.com. See the demo in the URL address http://berita-berita-berita.blogspot.com, http://berita-b log.blogspot.com and http://ber itanet.multiply.com / journaling. These sites are sites that are updated through the mechanism mail to blogs that blog service providers in each of these. Perhaps in another blog service providers are also provided, but with different terms.
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At the second site, each will be updated when there is contentnya post a new message in the mailing list / newsletter beritanet.com automatically (auto-publishing option in the second set on the blog). Each message will be mailing diforward and updated to both the blog. To get news from the beritanet.com, simply by subscribing to the newsletter www.beritanet.com, free. The register is used when the mail to the address given by the blog service providers your blog. Example: usernameku. kodeku@blogger.com, or kodeku @ rnameku.multiply.com use. Please find your site or newsletter subscription mailing list for free and use the email address mail to your blog. Do not forget to match the theme of your blog with the theme of the newsletter that you want to subscribe. By using the mail facility to our blog, the blog will be updated every pitch-time automatically and free

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