Rabu, 16 Januari 2008

education more important

Education is the key, and especially in the life of the current era. So far we have to look so far that we must equip ourselves with the various education. We do not understand that one way to obtain education through formal course, with how come, sit, listen and will get to the next award from the test is passed. Generally, that we often hear are:


Education can be obtained in many ways especially the more support the development of electronics equipment today. With easy to obtain information about the times from both the western hemisphere especially from neighboring countries.

Knowledge, skills, education is a basic element that determines the dexterity of someone thinking about themselves and their environment. Someone who is able to change itself is expected to be better able to change their families, change the region soon and then change the country and change the world where he lives. As a sister of poetry that is a creation of peace on earth. Someone has doubled about the importance of himself and the life that God provided for him, and unfortunately, if it bear fruit in kesiasiaan.

If we glance briefly to the countries in the West, they give attention to the important developments of science, education and skills because it is an asset for them, the main capital to be blowing compete with the other.

For instance, country-USA with the discovery of new discoveries in the field of Science and Technology, which can be used as a "value" to other countries without the discovery initial keoriginalan that they do. They do not shrink from a process of dollars to realize their discoveries.

We as citizens of Indonesia does not require such in the country because we see the condition of education is still much need to reform in education. Nevertheless reality, not only means that we stand by and watch from other countries hope that eventually in this era of free trade we are no longer able to move forward to empower themselves to compete feasible and reasonable to sell. We can dream, but be careful not to be thought.

In the narrow scope in our own territory, there is still lagging, is not able to read and write. This is a concern that is very difficult to diberantas if we are still working on the understanding that primitive or slightly more advanced, but only just tekhnis.

Look out and see the openness in the world of globalization, makes the role of education is so vital to determine the cause of education is able to motivate the creation of Technology, which can be adapted, even diimitasi disseminated in a way that quickly and easily. Then it can support the growth rate of a country.

Currently we been to study and learn the more we know more precisely that we do not know. Development of non-daily basis but the measure is contrary seconds. From time to seconds seconds next produces a variety of creative discovery of the power-discovery in various fields. Given this, so let's take advantage of the opportunities available, not take advantage of our opportunities. For the moment this has been stated in practice is that the human subjects and the quality is the key, not a matter of quantity again.

Wise words from an A China that states:

Give a man a fish
And you will feed him for a meal
Teach a man how to fish
And you will feed him for life

The words are very wise move that we have meaning "give the animal a fish, then you give him only once but eat ajarilah someone to fish so you have to give him eat his lifetime." An expression that can be given the thumbs-up. In the meaning of the expression that you want to be human is manusiakan that he became human, berdayakan, students, practicing, soon gave him the skills to empower a responsible and on himself, his life and future.

Young people is key in every region, is the youth of the nation. Is a reality that we must admit that the young men our nation, to compete before the forward is almost less competitive, but there was no word late, now let us all perlengkapi children, ourselves to become a human-human as a key step toward human ready for use and have the power and creative high-value sale in the international world. Not easy but we can. Let's have proved to the world that we as a nation is to create children in the world scene.

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