Rabu, 05 November 2008

Also unexpected Obama victory, the school of origin in primary schools Menteng indonesia

Barack Obama Finally Be U.S. President First Black Skin

"Obama ... Obama ... Obama ... We Love You ...." That is the yeeee.... to the students by the hundreds of classes I to VI while the calculation of the U.S. presidential election vote via the television screen width in the hall Elementary School Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (5 / 11).

Wide space 1500 square meters seems not fit to accommodate hundreds of students that day is specifically allowed to watch the calculation of the U.S. Presidential Election voice directly into the race two candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain.

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Schools that had become a place where Obama is some science demands last day to look busy welcoming U.S. President elections. Viscosity with a noose Obama U.S. elections make it very special here.

According to the Head School elementary Kuswadiyanto Menteng, teachers and students even prayed for victory, Obama days before the start of each lesson. "Every morning before starting lessons we always pray for Barry. Hopefully he win in this election," he said enthusiastically.

When the figures in the display glass shows Obama victory, hundreds of students trickle into various directions to the field, although drizzle began to fall. Obama photo with their caper excitement, no matter in the rain.

For their victory, Obama is their victory. They were proud because they had no students from here that could become U.S. president. The students also hope Obama will come to them, come to school. "Underworld Cave Obama came here though we can chat-chat with him," says Ajo, students in class VI B. Likewise It also said the students Ano class IV and V. still sitting Firebrands III A.

According to the plan, schools will still perform the prayers tomorrow morning. "We still think we exist happily clear later that prayer request we will do every morning," said Kuswadiyanto. "Today let us enjoy this victory with our students," he said while watching Obama victory speech in the display glass.

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