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Through Understanding Biotechnology BIOFEVER


BANDUNG, itb.ac.id-development of information technology and computing time is also encouraging progress in biotechnology. Merging between these technologies with biotechnology birth to a new field called Bioinformatics. Through the workshop on 29-30 November 2008, entitled 'Bioinformatics for the isolation genes' which included a series of events Biofever (Biotechnology Fair in November), SITH ITB Students Association (Nymphaea) introduce to the public from how a search for data in a molecular Sequence the database provided by the INSDC (International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration), to build tree filogenetik.
The program used in the workshop, this is BioEdit, TreeView and Primary 3 is a free software that is used online. Participants were led by who controls the Nymphaea members of the software is third. Workshop held in the basic laboratory informatics, 4 floor, Labtek V.

This workshop is one of three Biofever series of events that have been held since November 2008 and planned to end in February 2009. In November, the development has been carried out alternative sources of biomass energy in Sumedang. This activity is intended for the public welfare by introducing them to potential sources of alternative energy around them.

Problems were found in the community are among the economic problems and limitations of science. Their day-to-day use kerosene as fuel, but the high price of oil make them switch to using wood. But backup firewood in the forest every day because they believed Cutting forests will continue to bare when the time is cut in the long term. Therefore, they introduced the biogas which can be used from cow dung, which owned almost every family in there.

Nymphaea, in cooperation with the Foundation for the Development of BioSciences and Biotechnology (YPBB) reactor to develop simple processing cow dung into biogas. Community taught from introduction to how the use of biogas reactor. To oversee the smooth working reactor, the committee in cooperation with the local village to establish a comptroller who will report on the activities of the committee that will be visited once every 2 weeks. New installed four of the thirty targets reactor that will be paired on the head of each family. Expected in the near period, the lack of these can be met.

In addition, in February 2009 will be held back a biotechnology exhibition in cooperation with YPBB. One that will be exhibited is a biogas reactor has been successfully used previously. Adrito Pranandria (BI'05) as the chairman said that the event is expected to be more people to recognize and biotechnology can consume in their daily lives, making it easier for people to manage resources in the energy potential in nearly

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