Rabu, 06 Agustus 2008

Capitalism Education

It is no secret if education is very expensive. Yah words such as books, poor people are prohibited from school! Concern, but it is reality. Just entering kindergarten can reach hundreds of thousands or millions of rupiah, it has not yet entered elementary-junior-high school, the University of the favorites. If counted, a person entering kindergarten to the university, which will be the favorite to spend 100 million more. Wow!
Schools should be expensive, it is the stigma that are embedded in the minds of some people, from the public and even to some officials depdiknas. Therefore it? That is the spiel astray, they talk a stray so certainly did not see the conditions outside. Malaysia, Germany, Cuba and even though education can make very inexpensive and can diaksese layer by most people.
Kapitalistik education today, which aims to create a bisnislah costs to swell. Education is part kontolnya to the private sector because the government is less capable. There are good private sector involved in managing the education community so that it can play a role in the education institutions, but however this does not mean that the government's hands off it. Yes, to? Education instant style to the private business kjadi big problem for education. sometimes read the ads, educational institutions that offer quick pass can not be absent certificate, etc.. It seems that education is important for the diploma can make it work. Even education is intended to build morale and the level of individual knowledge.
And how education can be so cheap? Wow, this is not an easy issue, and clearly need depth of thought. Pencil and select the first brood. No written here, because the future is also very long.

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