Rabu, 10 September 2008

The earthquake 5 SR, (Tasikmalaya and Ciamis)

TASIK, Priol - the Earthquake with the strength 5.0 Richter scales (SR) shook the Tasikmalaya territory and Ciamis, made several residents around the south coast panic and jump outside the house on Wednesday (10/9) around struck 12,13 yesterday. The centre of the earthquake that was to 8,1 Lintang South – 107.96 Lie Alongside East, or around 90 km west the Tasikmalaya power with the depth 15 km, according to the Head of BMG Cilacap Mochtar, did not show the tsunami. “Memang his vibration was enough to be felt. However not have the potential the tsunami. Apart from Ciamis and surrounding area, some Cilacap territories, Central Java also felt the existence of the vibration tersebut,” he said This earthquake then did not make damage good the building and facilities lai him. Only, several residents that was greating playing around the jumping coast ran towards the plateau. They the fear of this earthquake changed to the tsunami.

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